On the Issues

  • Protect Life

    The God-Given right to life is the foundation of all other rights and it is our duty to protect innocent life from the abortion industry. I will fight every day in Washington to protect the unborn and make it easier for women in our community to choose life.

  • Second Amendment

    It's simple. The constitutional right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. It's more important than ever for Minnesotans and all Americans to defend ourselves and our families from harm. In Congress, I will never concede your gun rights to liberal extremists and will stand tall for our way of life.

  • Immigration

    Border security is national security. Our immigration system is clearly broken and though President Trump's leadership has led to a sharp decline in border apprehensions, Congress has failed the American people time and time again. Before we can discuss comprehensive immigration reform we must secure our southern border, starting with finishing the Wall.

  • Economic Growth

    The Trump economy is booming - more jobs, higher wages, and the lowest unemployment rates in decades. In Congress, I will work to maintain and expand America's economic comeback and fight to lower taxes and eliminate burdensome federal regulations.

  • National Debt

    One of Washington's biggest failures is America's national debt crisis. Wasteful spending and bloated budgets are the norms in Washington. To drain the swamp, Congress must tackle meaningful reforms and balance the budget.

  • Healthcare

    We all know that healthcare is too expensive, burdening families in Minnesota and throughout the nation. I will stand up to liberals who advocate for a government takeover of healthcare and one-size-fits-all socialist policies and will work with President Trump to find real solutions that will provide Americans more options and lower costs.

  • Opioid Crisis

    The opioid epidemic has devastated too many Minnesota families and communities. We must hold bad actors accountable and help people suffering from addiction to get the treatment they need.

  • National Security

    Defending the homeland is the first priority of the federal government, I will work with President Trump to continue revitalizing our military, supporting our veterans, and keep our nation safe from terrorists wishing to do us harm.

  • Supporting the President

    After the impeachment scam, partisan obstruction and constant attacks from the media, President Trump needs all the help he can get in D.C.. There is no room in Congress for another squishy Republican who doesn't know where they stand.

  • Education

    Every child deserves a quality education. Our students are more than test scores or price tags. Education is best handled by Minnesota and our local communities. I will fight to remove the burden of federal bureaucracy from interfering with educating the next generation.

  • Honoring our Veterans

    We will never be able to fully repay the debt to our nation's veterans, but we must ensure their service is honored. I am committed to ensuring veterans receive the benefits they were promised.

  • Infrastructure

    We elected a builder as President. It's time to let him rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. I will work with President Trump to finally fix our infrastructure.

  • Protecting Social Security and Medicare

    Many Minnesotans rely on Social Security and Medicare and they have paid into it their entire lives. We must ensure we protect Social Security and Medicare for current and future retirees while continuing to work on a long term solution for future generations.

  • Abiding by the Endorsement

    I have served as a Delegate to State Convention, State Central, my BPOU and the 2nd Congressional District. I fully understand that grassroots conservatives are the lifeblood of our party. It is their responsibility to decide which Republican has the experience, convictions, and record of results to take on Congresswoman Craig and defeat her in November.