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Meet Regina

Regina Barr has lived in Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District for more than 20 years. As a small-business owner and community leader, Regina successfully turned her passion for empowering women into the focus of her career.

She grew up the daughter of a single mother, who raised her and her three brothers while working as a waitress. Putting herself through college, Regina learned the value of hard work and a quality education, that allowed her to succeed in the corporate world, non-profit sector, and as a small business owner.

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Why I'm Running

"Washington needs leaders that work for all of us here in Minnesota.” That was what Angie Craig said when she announced her campaign for Congress in 2018. What has her record in Congress been? Five percent. Angie has voted with President Trump just five percent of the time.

She vowed to “work for all of us,” and yet she’s working for Nancy Pelosi 95% of the time. She claimed to want to fight for “a fair shot at a better life” but yet has focused on carrying her party line, and impeaching President Trump.

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